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speakers notes

How to Print handouts in PowerPoint

What is a Handout?

A handout is something that you leave behind after a presentation so that your attendees can remember what you talked about. As a VA you mihgt be asked to create these for your clients. This can be done from wihtin PowerPoint itself althoguh there is an option to send them to Word too. When sending to Word you can add more things to the design. That will be another blog post! For now let’s focus on creating handouts in PowerPoint.

Print Options is where you start.

Print Handouts

  1. Click File and then Print
  2. Click the drop down arrow next to Full page slides and select the layout you want to use.
    Print handout

    Figure 1- choose handout settings














In this section, select how your slides will be printed as Handouts. You can specify how many slides per page and if you select 3 slides, you get lines next to each slide for your audience to make notes. You can choose any of the 9 options listed. From one slide per page to 9 slides vertically.

type of handout

Figure 2- types of handout









3 slides with text

Figure 3- three slides with text

Speakers Notes

To print your speaker’s notes select Notes Pages from the Print Layout options – so that you have your notes to hand when delivering the presentation.

speakers notes

Figure 4 – speakers notes





speakers notes

Figure 5- speakers notes print like this


Your notes will be printed below the slide miniature.

 When you select Notes – you will find a new option in the Print Options. Portrait or Landscape. You can change the orientation for the Notes here.


Figure 6 – change orientation







When preparing the next presentation remember to print off handouts for your participants to make notes on or to jog their memory of what was said!

Has this tip helped? What other tips would you like to see? Let me know in the comments please.

How to Print handouts in PowerPoint






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