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Recently I was asked – How do I record a voice over for my slides?

Someone asked this in a Facebook Group I belong to.

“What’s a good program for recording audio only for voiceover with slides?

Keeping in mind I read with a screen-reader and will be slower as a result, I need something with reasonable recording time that’s not short.

Also, how do I combine them? Could I embed the voiceover with the slides, so people don’t even have to read?”

Record Narration

I assume that you have the slides and probably some notes of what you want to say. To record the Narration:

Head over to the Slide Show Menu and click the dropdown under Record Slide Show then choose where to start from.

You will see the following screen

  1. Recording tools
  2. See or hide Speakers Notes
  3. Increase or decrease the font size for Speakers Notes
  4. Clear all recordings
  5. Settings – Microphone and Cameral settings
  6. Turn on camera or microphone here
  7. Pick a colour and pen style for annotating
  8. See the duration of each slide here

To start recording click the Record Button and use the arrows on the right and left to move back and forth through the slides – all the while saying whatever you need to say.

When you are finished click the Stop Recording button and you are taken back into PowerPoint.

To see what you have recorded, play the presentation and it will play the slides keeping them on screen for the length of time you had them displayed whilst recording. It will also play any camera or voice recordings so long as you have ticked the boxes Play Narrations and Use Timings.

Rehearse Rehearse Rehearse!

Before you launch into recording, you can Rehearse Timings. This does not actually record your voice but it does record the flow of the slides and the length of time each one is on screen.

I like to use this when I am preparing as I can go through and “say” out loud my whole presentation so that I can improve. You can also record as many times as you wish and simply clear the previous recording.

How do I Clear the Previous Recording if I don’t like it?

Click the drop down next to Record Slide Show.

Choose Clear Timings – use this if you just rehearsed and want to start over

Choose Narrations on All Slides – choose this to clear all Narrations.

If you want to clear both Narrations and Timings, go back and choose each one individually.

Where can I see Timings?

Sometimes you just want to see how long each slide will play for. You can do this by switching to Slide Sorter View.

Get to Slide Sorter View by clicking on the View Ribbon and choosing Slide Sorter or by clicking the Slide Sorter View Icon a the bottom right of the screen

You will see that wherever there are timings there is a star with the number of seconds displayed.

Can I change the Timings?

Yes, you can Clear the timings from an individual slide or the whole presentation.

Can I record slide by slide?

Instead of recording the whole thing and having to go back and forth re-doing the whole thing for one or two mistakes, you can actually record slide by slide.

When you do this PowerPoint keeps the recording of each slide and includes it with the rest of the recording.

On the Slide Show Menu

Click Record Slide Show

Then Click Record from Current Slide

Click the record button to record your narration for the current slide then click Stop recording. Close out of the recorder and then you should see the narration and timing on the slide. If you don’t see the timing on the slide in Slide Sorter view – switch back to Normal View and then go back to Slide Sorter View. The timing will now be displayed.

Using the Keyboard – On Windows

You an also use Keyboard Shortcuts to start the recording.

Press the ALT Key to display letters on the Ribbon – you will see each Ribbon gets a letter. To go to the Slide Show Ribbon press the letter S.

Once on the Slide Show Ribbon you will see more letters and numbers. Press the letter N to get the recording options

Then press the required combination to start recording either the current slide or the whole presentation.

Did this help you?

Please leave a comment and let me know if this has solved a problem for you or helped you in any way.

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