How to use Microsoft Word 2016 as an auto cue

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How to use Word 2016 like an Auto Cue

Auto CueHow to use Word like an Auto Cue

I get asked questions from time to time and I love going off to see if I can answer them – here is a question I had from Kevin Arrow of The Business Success Dojo:

Is it possible in office to have a document and when you read the document for voice recognition to scroll down the page as you read it like an autocue system?

The answer is – Yes and No!

You can set Word up to automatically scroll the document so that you can read it to camera, it is not using the voice recognition which is in fact built in to Windows. However let’s say you have written the script for a video and you are recording it to camera, you can set Word to auto scroll so that you can read the words out loud whilst looking at the camera. Nifty!

Add AutoScroll to the Ribbon

Start off by adding the Auto Scroll button to the Ribbon.

Right click on an empty part of the ribbon and select customise the Ribbon

Auto Scroll like an autocue

Now when you see the Customise the Ribbon dialogue box make sure to select All Commands from the drop down list on the left.

Auto Scroll like and Autocue

Then go down the list until you see AutoScroll

On the right hand side, click New Group and then add the Auto Scroll button to the new group you just created and click OK.

Auto Scroll like and Autocue

All Commands (1) Auto Scroll (2) New Group (3) See the New Group (4) click Add (5) Auto Scroll added to the New Group (6) Click OK (7)

It will now show on the Ribbon.

Auto Scroll like and Autocue

Auto Scroll like and Autocue

To use Auto Scroll

Click on the Auto Scroll button

You will see a dot with an arrow above and an arrow below

Auto Scroll like and Autocue

As you move the cursor down a little bit the document will start to scroll slowly allowing you to read the content to camera ( or wherever you need to!)

Auto Scroll like and Autocue

That’s it. Hope that helped Kevin!

Do let me know in the comments below how this will help. I love to hear from my readers especially if something I write is of use.

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Kae says June 7, 2018

Yay, I followed your instructions step by step and it worked first time 🙂 . Thank you, this is going to be very helpful.

    Shelley Fishel says June 7, 2018

    So pleased you found it worked and that it will be useful! Good luck with your video making 🙂

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