How to use AutoText in Word 2016 for Mac - to save time

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How to use AutoText in Word 2016 for Mac

Auto Text Word 2016 Mac

AutoText in Word 2016 for Mac

Do you find yourself writing the same text again and again? Maybe it’s a signature or sign off or you may have standard paragraphs of text that you need to use from time to time.

When working with several different clients, you will be looking for ways to speed things up. One of my favourite tools is AutoText.

AutoText stands for Automatic Text and that is exactly what it does. It automatically inserts prewritten and/or pre-formatted text into your document at a keystroke.

I worked with a lady who ran an estate agency and she had several paragraphs of text to choose from when building terms and conditions. Not every client needed exactly the same content, so she created a series of AutoText entries which could be added quickly and easily.

Type Text to become AutoText

  1. Type the paragraph of text or whatever you want to store as an AutoText entry.
  2. Select the text
    AutoText Word 2016 Mac
  3. Click on the Insert Menu and choose AutoText – NewAutoText Word 2016 Mac


  1. Type a memorable name for your AutoText entry – make sure that it is longer than three letters.

auto text Word 2016 mac


That’s it your AutoText entry is now saved.


To use your new AutoText using the keyboard

Start to type the name of the AutoText Entry and you will see an AutoComplete tip on the document with instructions to press Enter to insert.

Press Enter and the text will appear!

Autotext Word 2016 Mac

Note: This is the fastest way to insert an AutoText entry.

Insert an AutoText entry using the menu

Place the cursor where you want the AutoText to appear.

Click Insert > AutoText > and then select your entry from the list.

Find the entry in the list 2) Click on Insert 3) see the preview
Autotext Word 2016 Mac

Delete an entry

If you need to delete an entry – follow the steps above and click Delete to remove it from the list.

Store your AutoText Entry

Word stores the AutoText entry in the Normal template, which makes it available in all documents. If you want to limit AutoText entries to particular documents, on the Insert menu, point to AutoText, click AutoText, and then select a different template on the Look in pop-up menu when you create the AutoText entry.

Can I store formatted text or shapes as AutoText Entries?

The answer is of course yes!

For example, if I want to re-use this table several times when writing a user guide, I can select the whole table, click on Insert > AutoText > New and name the entry. Then I can use the tool tip to add it.

Autotext Word 2016 mac

Autotext Word 2016 Mac

Some examples:

  • Sign off for different clients
  • Name and Address details that you often type
  • Standard paragraphs of text
  • A table with a particular style applied
  • The list goes on….


How will you use this tip? Will you create AutoText entries to speed up your working day?

Let me know in the comments below.


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