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How to Use Find and Replace in Word

Now most people know that you can use Find and Replace in Word to find a word and replace it with something else. Particularly useful if you have misspelled a word throughout your document and need to correct it everywhere. Did you know however that you can also find and replace formatting or special characters?

Today I am going to show you how to find and replace formatting – you can try out the other things yourself.How to use Find and Replace Formatting in Word

Find and replace formatting

Here’s how:

First of all click on the Replace icon(1) under Find on the Home Ribbon – you will then be offered the Replace Dialogue box (2) where you can choose what kind of things to look for and to replace. At the bottom click the Format button and then Chose the Format to look for (3) in my case Heading 1. Next you are offered the box asking for the style to replace it with (4) in my case Heading 2. Then you will see the Replace dialogue with Style Heading 1 and Style Heading 2 (5). Now decide if you want to Find Next or Replace or Replace All. I chose Replace All and Word goes off and does its thing and tells me that it made 48 replacements (6).

How to use Find and Replace Formatting in Word

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How to use Find and Replace Formatting in Word

p.s You may like the How to Create an eBook and Lead Magnet course as it covers a whole host of things in Word, from creating and applying Styles, to adding a Table of Contents, Adding pictures and captioning them – working with Tables and a whole host more.  Go to Courses to see the full list of what is available.