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Keyboard Shortcuts PowerPoint

Keyboard Magic in PowerPoint

As you know I am all about saving time and getting more done so I was wondering how much time do you spend trying to figure out where the command to do something is in PowerPoint? Or in any Microsoft Office product for that matter. Do you know your Keyboard Magic?

We have many icons on the Ribbon and sometimes the one you want is not on the Home Ribbon but on one of the other ones. Tough to remember where everything is right?

Here is where Keyboard Shortcuts come in.Keyboard Magic in PowerPoint for Virtual Assistants

By remembering the keyboard shortcuts, you will save a whole load of time. You will stop taking your hands off the keyboard mid typing, you will instantly get the job done and you will save all that time wondering where the icon lives.

Here are a few of my favourite Keyboard Shortcuts for PowerPoint.

Make The Screen Go Black Or White

When in the mid presentation there are times when you need to make whatever is on the screen disappear for a moment. Perhaps you have a particular message to impart and the images on the screen will detract. You have two choices here. Make the screen go black or white.

This shortcut works when you are in Slide Show mode or presenting.

To make the screen go Black – press the letter B

To make the screen go White – press the letter W

That’s it! Simples!

Duplicate A Shape

This is a lifesaver and a timesaver. When designing your slides, often you will have shapes or text boxes and you need to copy or duplicate them. Yes, you can create new shapes but if you want them to be exactly the same then duplicating is the way to go. You can always change the colour or text afterwards.

Press Control + the letter D – your shape will be perfectly duplicated.

Two for the price of one!

Control + D to duplicate a shape works in Word too!

Start The Presentation From The Current Slide

When building a slide deck or presentation, it helps to put the presentation into slide show mode every so often to see what it will look like to your audience.

My favourite keyboard shortcut for this is to press

Alt +S+C – this will start the presentation from the current slide so that you can check how it will look and then press the Escape Key to get back into the presentation to work on it.

Find any keyboard shortcut easily

Did you know that you can press the ALT key and see what the keyboard shortcuts are? Try it. Note the letters on each of the Ribbon tabs. Press the letter indicated and you will switch to that Ribbon, you will then see more letters on the Ribbon, press the keys indicated to activate the command.

Keyboard Magic in PowerPoint for Virtual Assistants

Before long you will start to remember the shortcuts that you use often and the keyboard becomes a way of life.

Leave a comment and let me know what your favourite PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcut is.

Keyboard Magic in PowerPoint for Virtual Assistants