Microsoft Outlook Email Course 

Are you Ready to Take the Leap to Master Microsoft Outlook Email? 

Are you tired?

  • Tired of an Inbox that seems to have taken over your life?
  • Tired of an Inbox overflowing with Email?
  • Tired of wondering how to send Email for your clients?
  • Tired of spending too long sending out standard Emails when you are sure that there must be a better way?

Would you love to

  • Be in control of your Inbox 
  • Become a filing ninja
  • Learn how to make Outlook obey the Rules
  • Find the shortcuts that will save you hours
  • So that you can take back control of your Inbox!

Well now you can!

In my Microsoft Outlook Email Course you will learn all this and more.

  • All about email including how to CC and BCC and other Email Options
  • How to delay delivery of an Email or make it expire when it is no longer of value to the recipient
  • Get back deleted messages - you know the ones that you pressed delete on too soon.
  • Create Quick Steps to speed up filing, regular standard Email and combine many actions
  • Work with your client's or colleagues Email Inbox
  • Be a delegate to someone else's Inbox
  • Send Email on behalf of someone else
  • Clean up your Conversations in the Inbox
  • Create Rules to automate tasks

And Much Much More!

There are almost 4 hours of video tutorials to go through.