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As a VA you get asked to do many things. One of those may be to research online perhaps a topic, find a venue or just about anything your client needs. Enter OneNote Web Clipper. It is simply the most time saving stress relieving online tool . Before I started to use it, if I found a website that had information that I wanted to come back to, I would have had to copy and paste the content to a document or notebook or bookmarked the site. The bookmark list then becomes unwieldy and difficult to navigate. Know the feeling?OneNote Web Clipper

Enter OneNote Web Clipper

You have no doubt seen my posts about OneNote over the last few weeks. I have notebooks for dedicated reasons. One for my online course creation, where I keep lists of the process, what I am working on. Useful tips, code that I may need, automation emails that welcome you to the course and follow up with you afterwards to help you get the most out of the lessons. I have a notebook for blogs too.

My blogging notebook

I use my blogging notebook to keep ideas for blogs, to sometimes actually write them and to clip web pages with useful information that I can refer back to later. It is a godsend! No more bookmark lists a mile long. Just a nice notebook with sections and pages that contains the ideas and websites I have visited for my blog posts.

What is the OneNote Web Clipper?

The OneNote Web Clipper is a browser extension. That means that it sits in your browser toolbar and is ready and waiting every time you need it , on any page!

This is what it looks like

Need to save a Web Page? Try This – The OneNote Web Clipper

Here it is sitting in my Chrome Browser on the right-hand side. Ready for me to click and use.

There are versions of the OneNote Web Clipper for each of the main browsers, Chrome, Edge, IE, Firefox, Opera. Sadly, there is no Web Clipper for Safari but you can simply use one of the other browsers if you are on a Mac.

How do I get the OneNote Web Clipper?

Type OneNote Web Clipper into your browser of choice and then follow the prompts to install. Based on the browser you are using, the instructions may be a little different. Once it is installed you may need to enable it.

How do I use the Web Clipper?

Find a web page that you wish to keep and click on the Web Clipper icon in your browser. If this is the first time you are using it, you will be asked to sign in and choose whether to use it with your work or Office 365 account or your personal Microsoft Account.

Now you can choose what you wish to clip.

The choices are:

Full Page – this copies the whole page, including all images exactly as they appear on the page. It also adds a bookmark link to the top of the page so that you can get back to the web page quickly

Region – drag out a region and the web clipper will clip just the part you selected. Use this to highlight just a part of a web page.

Article – Similar to full page – this clips the whole page but just the article without the surrounding areas

Bookmark – Adds a bookmark to the web page – allowing you to get back to the page quickly

Once you have chosen what you want to clip, the web clipper goes to work and clips your web page or the part you asked for.

Where does the clipping go?

When you select what you want to clip, the web clipper asks you to sign in and then select which notebook and section to save your clipping to – in the image below you can see I have selected my Blogging Notebook and New Section 1. Each clip is placed on its own page and titled with the name of the page.

Need to save a Web Page? Try This – The OneNote Web Clipper

Where can I see the clipping?

When you clip, the web clipper will offer you the opportunity to see the clipping you just took. If you click View in OneNote – you will be taken to OneNote online.

Need to save a Web Page? Try This – The OneNote Web Clipper

OneNote Web

Need to save a Web Page? Try This – The OneNote Web Clipper

To see the clipping in your preferred version of OneNote simply open up the notebook and voila!

OneNote Windows 10

Need to save a Web Page? Try This – The OneNote Web Clipper

OneNote 2016

Need to save a Web Page? Try This – The OneNote Web Clipper

OneNote on Mac

Need to save a Web Page? Try This – The OneNote Web Clipper

What do you think about the OneNote Web Clipper?

I find it a huge time saver. I can visit pages, look up information and save them for later. I can then refer back at a time that suits me. Cuts down the time I spend hunting for things.

Let me know how useful you find this tip in the comments below.

Need to save a Web Page? Try This – The OneNote Web Clipper

P.S Remember – I have a range of online courses on Microsoft Office topics. You can find them here. I have a long list of courses to create and will be adding new content very soon. So save your seat in the Hub at the current price. You never pay again.

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