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OneNote has Sections and Pages

Last week I introduced you to OneNote and the different versions. This week I will talk about the structure of a notebook.OneNote

Physical notebooks come in many guises, some are simple with ruled lines and a margin and some have different sections for different projects or part of projects.

OneNote can be either. When you first start it up, you will notice that it has one Section called – New Section One and one blank page.

It is easy to add both new sections and new pages.

OneNote has Sections and Pages – just like a real notebook

To add a section – click the + sign

To rename a section – double click on the tab and type the name

To add a page – click the + sign

To rename a page – type in the page header area – this becomes the page name or double click in the task pane and type the name

It’s that easy.

Once you have your sections and pages just click and type anywhere on a page and that is it.

You can have as many sections or pages as you like and you can have many notebooks too.

To add a new Notebook click File and then New and choose where to save your new notebook. Then give it a name and click Create. You will be prompted to invite others but you don’t have to

OneNote has Sections and Pages – just like a real notebook

Where should you save your OneNote notebooks?

I created a folder called NoteBooks in my OneDrive for Business folder and that is where I save all my notebooks.

  • I know where they are
  • I can find them easily
  • I can access them from any device that has internet access because they are in OneDrive
  • They don’t live on the local machine which means that they are always available to me.

You can create your notebook folder in OneDrive Personal or OneDrive for Business, it is entirely up to you. If you think that you will never need access to the notebook from anywhere other than your computer, then you can save them locally. The choice is yours.

Now you know how to create a new notebook and how to add sections and pages. Next week I will show you how to use a page template in OneNote.

Till next time.

OneNote has Sections and Pages – just like a real notebook

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