How to reuse PowerPoint Slides from another presentation

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How to Reuse PowerPoint Slides PowerPoint 2016 for Windows


Reuse slides you already have!

You are creating a presentation – for yourself or for someone else. You realise that you have already created slides that would be perfect. Instead of reinventiing the wheel, why not reuse the slides you have already created.

The slides you wish to reuse can come from an existing presentation that is stored on your local computer or an online location like OneDrive for Business or your Personal OneDrive. Really simple to add these if your online locations are synchronised with the local pc.

Insert slides

In SharePoint, you can also have a Slide Library. Here you can store slides that anyone in the organisation may need to access. For example, the start and end slides or certain slides that can be generic and reused as need be.

Not all versions have access to a slide library and if you are using a Home Version of Office then you will not see this feature.

Not all of the business plans have access to this feature and if you have a plan that does, it will need to be set up by your administration team.

Reuse slides from another presentation

Starting from the Home Ribbon click the drop down arrow underneath the New Slide icon and select Reuse Slides

reuse PowerPoint Slides

Figure 1-reuse slides

Next you will need to tell PowerPoint where the presentation is that has the slides you want.

Click Browse and then Browse File in the navigation pane that opens. If you have recently had one of the files open, they will be listed in the Reuse slides task pane.

reuse PowerPoint Slidesreuse PowerPoint Slides

Figure 2- browse for file

Once you have found the presentation you want you will see a list of thumbnails of each of the slides in that presentation. Now you can select the one(s) you wish to use.

reuse PowerPoint Slides

Figure 3- click slide to use

Click on a slide to add it to the presentation – if you want to keep the formatting from the original presentation you will need to tick the Keep source formatting check box BEFORE you click on a slide. Otherwise you will override the formatting and the slide will take on the new presentation format.

Apply the theme

You have the perfect slides in another presentation and you would love to reuse them. Not only that, you also want to apply the theme from the other presentation to this one. No problem. Here is how.

Follow the steps to reuse slides until you have the slides in the task pane. Now using the right click select the option that meets your requirements.

reuse PowerPoint Slides

Figure 4- choose your options

Insert Slide – inserts the current slide

Insert All Slides – inserts ALL the slides from the other presentation in to this one

Apply Theme to All Slides – applies the other theme to all the slides in this presentation

Apply Theme to Selected Slides – only applies the other theme to the selected slides

As you can imagine this can be a great time saver as you can copy slides or the theme very easily.

I chose to apply the theme to all slides and the style and colours has been copied to the presentation I am working on.

reuse PowerPoint Slides

Figure 5 – the other theme applied

How much time is this tip going to save you next time you create a presentation? Let me know in the comments below. If you want to learn more about PowerPoint head over to our course – Master the Slide Master to learn more.

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