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Are you missing seeing things live, in person?

There are many reasons why people find recent restrictions on movement uncomfortable.

We’re social animals. We like to be around others. We love good company. And we love live experiences.

But for many weeks now, people have been unable to go out in groups or large numbers. Crowds have been a rare sight. The Live Experience – Coming to a Screen Near You

And live shows, events and experiences have all been put on hold. No cinema. No clubs. No sports. No museums. No music festivals. No gigs. No air shows. No car boot sales. No gymkhanas. No fetes. No fairs. No theatre. No exhibitions. No conferences. No shows. Pretty much no nothing.

Major tournaments put on hold, cancelled, or pushed back a year. Organisers and fans left in limbo while things get discussed and ‘sorted out’. There’s not been anything like it.

Starved of the live experience out there, people have been seeking alternatives. And the performers have found ways to deliver a live experience into our homes.

It is all possible because of the Internet.

All kinds of live performances have been, and still can be, beamed into our living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and apartments.

I have been too busy with the business to keep up with it all. But friends have been telling me about other ‘events’ they have seen or heard about.

Various London West End theatre shows and musicals, including some by Andrew Lloyd Webber, can be viewed on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Cirque du Soleil released several of their acrobatic and entertaining shows online, too.

Live performances of plays (which would have been screened in cinemas) have been put out the public, including National Theatre productions. Actor Andy Serkis, who played Gollum in ‘The Lord of the Rings’, read Tolkien’s The Hobbit online to raise money for charity.

Museums, galleries and other attractions have set up virtual tours for people unable to visit or travel. Live cams in zoos and conservation centres have seen increases in popularity.

And you may have noticed something else.

There has been an increase in the number and range of webinars and training being presented online. So many it’s hard to keep up with it all.

When we have busy lives, with work and family and so on, it is not always possible to tune in at the scheduled time. Good news, then, that most presentations include the option of a recording – to watch and listen when you do have time.

The webinar recordings are OK. You get the same content as if you had been there on the live training. But it’s not quite the same experience.

The Live Experience – Coming to a Screen Near YouOn the live training, you get to be part of the live audience. You can chat “Hi” to people in the chat message. You can type in your question to the trainer and get it answered.

Sometimes there is an invitational offer at the end of the free training and only those who attend ‘live’ get the bonuses. Or there might be a prize draw or competition during the live webinar – with only those attending ‘live’ eligible to win.

When it comes to training in Microsoft 365 and ‘Office’ applications, people already know that I offer a range of online courses (where, because of my personal step-by-step approach, it feels like I am there beside you… and the training so thorough that it covers the likely questions you might ask).

Live online learning anyone?

What some people may not know is that I also offer live training – and not just in person (when that is back in fashion or possible again).

I have been presenting online training for quite a few years’ now. It’s not something just tacked on in response to the latest world situation.

The live training has been delivered online to companies, teams, groups, and individuals. Ideal for those who want to get a good number or people trained properly, fast. Perfect for the person who wants a specific piece of training on how to get the most out of Microsoft 365.

If you would like to know more about that, we should have a conversation.

To your success

Shelley Fishel