I’ve been writing a series of blogs on topics beginning with ‘M’ (you may also have seen the video versions on LinkedIn).

Today I’m going to talk about magination. Okay, it’s actually imagination but we’ve been talking M’s in this series, so it has to be ‘magination’. Work with me on this.The Power of Magination

So, imagine that you, as a VA or a small business owner, have a piece of work to do. Wouldn’t it be great that you could just pick it up and know how to get it done?

I’m not talking about the nitty-gritty of the research or the content knowledge because I’m assuming you have that. No. I’m talking about the mechanical knowledge of using your everyday software to get stuff done.

Let’s take Microsoft Word, for example.

Let’s suppose you need to create a lead magnet or an eBook, either for yourself or for a client for somebody else. You have to consider the brand, branding and Styles in Word.

Do you have your Style Sets set up in Word to take account of that? Can you switch easily from one client or business to another? When you have your Styles set up that way in Word, it just makes things a breeze. Imagine how that would feel.

What about PowerPoint?

You may be a Virtual Assistant or a small business owner that’s forever creating PowerPoint presentations, either for yourself or for your clients. Make it easy by mastering the Slide Master. Learn how to set that up so that all you need to focus on is the content.

It’s really easy, especially when you can learn how to do it from somebody who knows.

And then there’s Microsoft Outlook.

Are you in control of your inbox or is your inbox in control of you? Do you know about Quick Steps? Do you know about Quick Parts? Do you know about Rules?

The Power of MaginationDo you know about the things that are going to make working in Outlook more pleasurable for you, and not so totally overwhelming? As I say on my course page, Outlook is a bit of a puppy – adorable yet capable of being a little naughty if you don’t show it who is in charge.

And then, of course, with Microsoft 365 there’s the new kid on the block – Microsoft Teams.

Are you using it with your clients? Are you using it with colleagues? Are you delivering training using Microsoft Teams?

It’s a very powerful collaboration, communications and teaching tool. There’s a good deal to learn if you want it to work smoothly for you.

When you don’t know how to do something, imagine how fabulous it would be to be able to simply log in to an online system and learn the bit you need to do. It would take away all that worry and stress.

Imagine it.

No need to waste time googling how to do something. No need to spend ages trawling through all of the search outcomes that you get, with no clue as to which ones are of high quality or right up to date.

Imagine that the access you have is to a top-quality training programme delivered by somebody who really knows their stuff. And not only knows their stuff but knows how to put it across in a way that helps you take it in easily and memorably.

You won’t be surprised that I’m talking about my training academy at Tomorrow’s VA. It has a comprehensive range of online courses in the course directory.

In the course directory, I have courses on How to Use Styles in Word. There’s Master the Slide Master in PowerPoint, How to Take Back Control of Your Inbox in Outlook, and How to use Microsoft Teams, whether you want to use it as a small business owner or as a trainer.

There are versions for Windows users, versions for Mac. Whatever machine you use you’re covered by my courses.

So, why don’t you hop over and have a look at the course directory and imagine how amazing it would be to have access to all of that knowledge at your fingertips, whenever you needed it.

Not only do you get the course but you are also able to get support with the built-in Community that comes with the learning. A safe space to ask questions, see the questions of others and share challenges and successes.

Let your imagination run wild. What would you create and how will you shape your future with wonderful access to all this learning?

If you have any questions you know what to do. Just ask. I’m on a mission to help VA’s become a superhero to their clients. So, no question is too small, silly or stupid.

Please, just ask.

Shelley Fishel



P.S You can see the video that this is based on – on my YouTube Channel