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Upgrades, updates and new features.

As a trainer in Microsoft Office there is something I always keep my eye on.

For example, in Excel there is a now a function called Sheet View. You may not have heard of it yet – it’s currently only for 365 subscribers who use the application on the web.The Rules of Collaboration

But it’s a small feature with big thinking behind it. Microsoft is really focused on some specific things at the moment – and one of those is how to make collaboration between people easier. This new Sheet View lets you create customised views of Excel workbooks without disrupting others. It’s a respectful way of working.

And this feature got me thinking about the wider picture.

If you are working with clients, you may well find yourself collaborating with them – and their teams.  Whilst the technology is all there (and improving at a rapid rate) you have to remember the human element.

People work with people. And it’s important to be able to ‘get on’ with each other.

If you are collaborating on a project with a client, it makes sense to set some ground rules. This is especially the case if you are going to be sharing access to – and updating – workbooks or files.

Here are some tips to get you started

✅ Agree how things are going to be done so everyone is clear from the beginning.

✅The client may have a way of doing things. You may have a way of doing things. Work out something that works for both parties.

✅ Set up a protocol for how information will be shared, so it is safe and secure.

✅Understand the ins and outs of how the software allows people to collaborate. That way you can work efficiently and avoid potential pitfalls.

✅ Be prepared to take the lead on that, especially if you are confident with Office 365 and its collaborative tools.

You can even let clients know about collaboration features like Sheet View when they are rolled out across the board.

Working in Excel

Let’s say you are working with Excel in a shared workbook. With this feature you can work with the data and choose whether any changes you make are seen by others, or only by yourself.

You can get on with your tasks without it upsetting the work of other people who may also be working on the file.  It’s a nice little touch so keep an eye out for it.

If you’re someone who likes to stay on top of things, your knowledge of the latest tweaks and upgrades in 365 may be better than that of those you serve.

You can use that both to your advantage and for mutual benefit.

Working with Client and others

Working as part of a Team is something that we do on a regular basis, whether that team is made up of you and colleagues or you and clients. Microsoft has a product called Microsoft Teams which facilitates teamwork. You may have come across it. With Microsoft Teams you can :

✅ Create a Team

✅ Communicate within the Team using:

💡 Chat

💡 Online Meetings

💡 Video Calls

💡 Audio Calls

✅ Share Files

✅ Collaborate on Documents

✅ Take the noise out of your Inbox

New – How to Use Microsoft Teams

I have just released my latest online course – How to Use Microsoft Teams. Where you will learn how to use all the features as a freelance worker, whether that is as a VA with a team of VAs or with your clients. I use it every day with my VA and it is a game changer. So much easier to communicate and things are much clearer. We both know exactly what has been done or asked.

You can find the course here How to Use Microsoft Teams   

Early Bird VIP Discount – you will see that there is a 10% Early Bird Discount – available until 12 February when it will go up automatically. If a course on Microsoft Teams has been on your wishlist – now it the time to act!

Here’s to successful client work and collaborations.

The Rules of Collaboration

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If you’re yet to move over to Office 365, or just starting with it, you might find my Running Your VA Business set-up training really useful.

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