I shared in another blog about the trend of storytelling in business and what to consider for your own ‘story’.

But I skipped over one of the elements – and it’s an important one.

I’m talking about…

The Story of Transformation

Yes, of course, you want to be talking about your services to people. The Story of Transformation

They’re interested in the features of your service. How many hours you can give. What tasks you can take on. The process. The communications. The management of it all.

They’re interested in the benefits of the service. If you work for them, it saves them time, hassle and headaches, for example. For each feature, you should be able to state a benefit.

And that’s the point where many VA’s will leave it.

Features and benefits are strong parts of your product or service story. But there are a couple more things people want to know.

One is why they should choose you. The other, linked to that, is the difference your service will make to their lives and business.

People want to see a picture of the transformation you can create for them. The results. The outcomes. The difference it makes.

How do you that?

One way is to create a transformation matrix. This is a very useful exercise.

On paper, Excel spreadsheet or in Word, create a table. Make three columns: Feature, Benefit and Difference.

Take one of your services. In column one, list all the features of that service. In column two, write a benefit for each of the features listed. In column three (which requires the most space) describe how that makes a difference or transforms the client’s life.

For example, let’s say a company wants you to handle their social media posts for Facebook.

Feature #1 might be planning a schedule for posts. The benefit of that is it saves the client time and hassle. The ‘difference’ or transformation is “No more having to faff around with working out when to send or what to say – leaving you to focus on what you do best”.

Feature #2 might be creating 20 posts per month. The benefit is it saves the client time and adds to their marketing collateral. The transformation could be phrased as “Build a solid body of consistent, values-aligned content that gets your brand noticed by more people as the thought leader in your field.”

Feature #3 might be providing a monthly stats report on social media activity. The benefit for the client is they get a regular update on how things are going. The transformation could be something like “Get to see at a glance what your social media activity is doing for you – so you can adjust course and stay on track”

You get the picture.

Repeat the process for each service (or product) you provide. The exercise will really get you thinking about the difference you make for people. The bigger picture difference. The wider difference. The significant difference.

The Story of TransformationAnother way to highlight the transformation your work delivers is to share testimonials and case studies.

It’s why I include these on my website, and in my marketing and promotions. Like these ones, for example.

Here is Jane talking about the value of the one-to-one live training I do.

“One of the best things I did last year was to put Livvy, my PA, onto a 1-2-1 session with Shelley Fishel. She’s now flying on Teams and helping lots of our clients to figure it out too. Really, really great investment in both time and money. Liv found being able to have Shelley 1-2-1 was invaluable. #recommend”

Jane Rennie, Founder – The Extraordinary Training Company

This is what Inge said about my How to Use Microsoft Teams course.

“Shelley Fishel is very knowledgeable on Microsoft Teams. She talks you through every step of how to use it, making it all less daunting. But – unlike most IT training – also helps you understand why you would even need it, how it’s easier than what you are doing now, and how to integrate it practically with your ways of working.”

Inge Woudstra-Van Grondelle
Gender Difference Expert. Gender Diversity & Inclusion Consultant. Women Leadership Trainer at W2O Consulting & Training

And you can even include video testimonials, as you can see if you visit my page about Tomorrow’s VA – The Hub (my complete box set of online courses, also known as ‘The Full Monty’).

Make sure you are making use of testimonials and case studies to build up a picture of the kind of transformation your work as a VA can do for your clients.

It’s easy to assume people will ‘know’ the benefits or difference your work delivers. Never assume. Tell them.

Shelley Fishel