VAs: 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Infographics for you or your clients

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VAs: 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Infographics

Are you a VA who is thinking about creating infographics to drive traffic back to your client’s website or blog? If you are, you’ll love this handy Infographic on the mistakes that can be made when you create infographics. There’s also a free infographic planning checklist at the bottom of the post.

Why would you plan and create an infographic? Infographics help your audience understand the information you want to provide them with at a faster pace. Whether you’ve written an article, a book, or are giving a presentation, an infographic can go far in helping your audience understand more of the information you want to provide to them.

Not only that; a well-planned infographic can steer the story toward in the direction you want so that your audience makes the right decision with the information presented.





P.S. An infographic has to be well made or it will make things worse rather than better for your audience – and for you. Grab this free Infographic Planning Checklist and create awesome infographics for your clients


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