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Have you ever been asked to create a timeline in PowerPoint?

If you have tried to create a timeline in PowerPoint, you probably spent ages, drawing text boxes, and shapes and then formatting it all to look great.

PowerPoint Designer

In one of the Office updates, PowerPoint Designer was given the ability to turn a list of dates into a visual timeline. It is fab!

Create a visual timeline in PowerPoint


This feature works when:

  • You are using PowerPoint 2016 as part of an Office 365 subscription
  • You have an Internet Connection when you are creating the timeline
  • You are using one of the Office themes and not a customised Theme of your own

So, how do you create a timeline using PowerPoint?

  1. Create a list including dates

Go to the Design Ribbon

Select the bulleted list (1) and then click Design Ideas (2) on the right, PowerPoint will offer a selection of designs. Some of the designs will be laid out as a timeline and others a different kind of representation (3)

Select the design that you like, and it will change.

If you change the theme the design will change to match and you will be offered other designs to choose from. In fact, if you don’t like the first design you have been offered click the Design Ideas button again and some fresh designs will be shown.

How will you use this feature? Leave a comment to let me know.

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