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PowerPoint Chart

You have a client who asks you to create a presentation. Now amongst the information that needs to go into that presentation is some data. Your client really wants this data presented as a chart and asks you to do this.

What if you are not sure how to do so? How long is it going to take you to learn? How many hours will you spend trawling the inernet to find out how to create a chart in PowerPoint?

In today’s blog post, I am going to help you with that

Get started via the Insert Ribbon or the Chart Placeholder on a slide.

Inserting charts

  • Click on the Insert Chart icon in a placeholder
  • Or Click on the Charts Icon on the Insert Ribbon

Figure 1 – add a chart

You will see the Insert Chart Dialogue Box which prompts you to select the type of chart you want to create.

Figure 2- choose the chart type

Once you have selected the type of chart, an Excel spreadsheet opens up on top of your slide, with a sample chart in the placeholder. Fill in the data area on the spreadsheet and the chart will update with your numbers and categories. When you have finished filling in the data, simply close the spreadsheet. The chart updates and the spreadsheet disappears.

Figure 3- fill in the mini spread sheet

Open and view chart data

You may want to see the data in the spreadsheet in order to make a small (or even big) change.

  • Click on the chart you want to modify.
  • On the chart tools ribbon click Edit Data
  • The mini spreadsheet opens up and you can now modify the data

Figure 4- edit the data
  • If you select Edit Data in Excel, then a full size spreadsheet opens up on top of PowerPoint complete with data ready to edit.

Figure 5- complete the spreadsheet

You can overtype the cells that are filled in. If you need to add more columns to the chart drag the small blue triangle which appears at the bottom right of the range and then add in your new data.

Figure 6- drag the corner to make the chart larger

Continue to update the mini spreadsheet until you have all the data. Then use familiar Chart Tools just like in Excel as the Ribbon will change to show the Chart Ribbon.

Leave me a comment telling me how this has helped you and what else you would love help with in PowerPoint?

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