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VAs - PowerPoint is not just for Presentations

VAs – PowerPoint is Not Just for Presentations!

I thought that PowerPoint was just for Presentations!

Yes, many people do think just that. However, most people don’t know just how versatile PowerPoint really is. If you have been following me and my posts lately you will have seen that I have recently created two new courses on PowerPoint.

How to Create Infographics using PowerPoint and Instant Insta Posts in 30 Minutes or Less Just Using PowerPoint.

So, from this you can infer that PowerPoint can be used to create both Infographics and Instagram posts.

What Else?

Well, your imagination is really the only limitation and then working out how to do what you want to do.VAs – PowerPoint is not just for Presentations!

You can create:

  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Print Handouts
  • Print Presentation Notes Pages
  • Create Overhead laminates
  • Create 35mm Slides
  • Book covers
  • Training Support materials
  • Infographics
  • Instagram Posts
  • Anything that you want that relies on great visuals

PowerPoint is not just for presentations.


This is the primary use that everyone equates with PowerPoint. Create a slide deck that progresses whilst a person is talking. Create a great looking presentation with lots of pictures, shapes, SmartArt, transitions and animations to make your point. The best presentations are made up of lots of pictures and other visuals. You can print your slides and give them out as handouts or print your speakers notes to prompt you and help you rehearse.


PowerPoint is a great medium to help you rehearse your speech. Did you know that you can use the Rehearse feature? It will record the timing of each slide, allowing you to perfect your delivery and know exacltoy how long the whole presentation will take. Perfect for when you have been given a time slot and need to make sure that you can fit your content in to the time available.


Print off your slides as handouts. Print just the slides or pick from a selection of layouts including one with lines drawn for the individual to write their own notes.


Again, useful for practicing. Once you have the presentation ready, you can print an outline which will allow you to practice with the outline of the slides, this means that you are not distracted by the slides themselves and can focus on what you want to say.


You can record the slides, yourself, your voice and the whole shebang. Save it as an MP4 and then you can add it to a webpage, upload to Facebook, Tweet it etc. Create an MP4 Video to use wherever you want to.

Book Cover

Use PowerPoint to design your latest bestselling book cover – yes you can create book covers with space for the spine and margins using PowerPoint.

Training Support Materials

You would guess that I use this one! I use PowerPoint to create visually appealing training support materials so that after a training session, I can leave behind the presentation as an aide memoir. You can do this for anything. A great friend of mine uses PowerPoint for EVERYTHING!

Photo Albums

PowerPoint has the ability to create a fabulous Photo Album, simply pick the layouts and add the images. You can adjust the colour, add captions and generally have loads of fun!

Infographics and Instagram Posts

Did you know that you can resize your slides to fit any kind of medium and then when you are done, you can export the slides to JPEG or PNG format for use elsewhere? I create all my Infographics and most of my Instagram posts using PowerPoint. If you would like to learn how to do this then take one of the courses.

How to Create Infographics Using PowerPoint

Instant Insta Posts in 30 minutes Just Using PowerPoint

You will learn many skills that will help you with creating Infographics and Instagram posts and will also help you with your general PowerPoint skills.

Here are comments from a couple of people who have taken the course so far:

Jaqueline Leake of JLeake VA Services said:

How to Create Infographics using PowerPoint

I had been looking around at how to create infographics without having to pay for new software, when I came across Shelley’s course. It was just perfect, everyone has PowerPoint and this course has shown me how to use it in yet another useful way.

Susan Marot of Succeed at Selling said:

How to Create Infographics using PowerPoint

I thought I knew PowerPoint really well before doing this course, but I wanted to specifically learn how to use it to create better infographics, more easily and quicker. The most useful thing I learnt was that PowerPoint can do so much more than I thought it could and by using the short cuts I could do it so much quicker than I have been doing for years. I know I will save so much time creating, not just infographics on PowerPoint but better presentation too. Having said that I know if I take more of your courses Shelley then I will learn even more than I can imagine now! I highly recommend that everyone who needs to create infographics takes this course. It is so easy and will deliver an excellent return on investment. Thanks Shelley!

Ang Brown of NottmVA said:

Instant Insta Posts in 30 Minutes or Less using PowerPoint

Shelley Fishel from tomorrow’s VA is the go to person for desktop publishing for me for all your quick and easy know-how fixes. It’s Fab! Once again Shelley – you excel at everything you do! Thank you

Click to get the courses:

How to Create Infographics using PowerPoint

Instant Insta Posts in 30 Minutes or Less Using PowerPoint

Are there any other uses of PowerPoint that you can add?


VAs – PowerPoint is not just for Presentations!