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Templates In PowerPoint

Now you may be thinking – I know you can start a presentation from a template, but did you know that Microsoft provides lots of ready made design templates both locally on your computer and online? No? Well let me show you.VAs – Start a presentation from a template

In PowerPoint click File New and you can choose from any of the templates offered on the screen. These are Design templates and include colours and layouts and sometimes variations.

PowerPoint Template

But if you look at the top of the New screen you will see that you can search online and there are categories. One such category is Business which I picked to use as an illustration.

PowerPoint template search

When I click Business I can now choose from quite a selection and I chose Tech Dividend Design.

PowerPoint Online template

It downloads the template and when you click Create a new presentation is opened on your screen complete with ready-made slides for you to simply update with your data.

PowerPoint template

Cool no? I think so!

PowerPoint courses

Did you know that I have three PowerPoint courses in the tomorrow’s VA Academy?

Master the Slide Master takes you through how to get to and modify the slide master so that you can update the design of your presentation in one place.

How to Create Infographics just using PowerPoint – shows you how to harness the software you have on your machine to create Infographcis.

Create Instant Instagram Posts in 30 Minutes or Less – yep, you are correct! I show you how to use PowerPoint to create Instagram posts. Once your template is set up you can create 30 or so in half an hour.

The Master The Slide Master comes in two flavours, one for Windows and one for Mac.

The other two are recorded using PowerPoint for Windows – however work the same way for Mac.

Get them here – Courses

You will see that there is also a bundle – Social Traffic Mastery which includes all three courses.

VAs – Start a presentation from a template





Testimonial – This is what one of my students says about Master the Slide Master

The first thing I heard about Shelley Fishel, the author of this course, was from my web designer – “she knows EVERYTHING about Microsoft Office. Any problems, just message her.” This came an the right time. I had just had my first skirmish with the Slide Master and I had come off worst. Still licking my wounds, I didn’t have the confidence to ask for help. 

Word reached Shelley that I needed help and she told me about the course. I knew I needed it but ego knew better. Oh, crud. A few months went by and I had reached the dizzy heights of 20 to the Slide Master, 0 to me. I had spent hours trying to recreate the same thing in Excel that someone had done using the Slide Master. It didn’t work. Of course, it didn’t work! 

Swallowing my pride, I took this course. It’s great. Easy to manage, there’s one video that’s just over five minutes and the rest are less than five minutes. It’s in bite-sized pieces and everything is carefully explained with Shelley doing it as she’s talking. 

It’s clear and easy to understand even a bolshi 63 year old can understand it. 

I’ve changed the fonts and I’ve changed the colours in the Slide Master, which is my new BFF. It isn’t quite purring but we’ve shaken paws and I’m taking it out for a drink later 🙂

Why would anyone take a perfectly good idea for a presentation then build it using the Slide Master when PowerPoint is so good for putting projects together? 

Because, when your project is a daily planner with 365 pages and you get to the end and realise you’ve got the same spelling mistake on every page you’ll wish you had used the Slide Master to build it on, because you’ve got to go and correct every page. Or start again using the Slide Master. 

Using the Slide Master will be a game-changer in my journal design business. It will save me hours of work. 

Thank you, Shelley! 

Shân Marshall

Hi, I'm Shelley

I would love to show you how to be more productive using Microsoft Office and working in the office generally!

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