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You know the drill. You are working on a document or rather there are two. You need to copy some things from one to the other maybe its text or a picture. Normally you would have the two documents open and use the task bar to switch between them. Did you know you can view the two documents side by side? Thought not. It is something that is not widely used and is very useful.

How to view two documents Side by Side in Word (on Windows)

Start off by opening the first document to work on. Then open the second document to work on.

Click on the View Ribbon and then the icon View Side by Side (it may be really tiny)

Word will ask you which documents to show side by side –

In this example I have open – this document (Document3) the document on screen is 10 Tips for Faster Working in Excel 2016 and the document open in the dialogue box is 10 Tips for Faster Working in Excel for Mac. I want to display the two tip documents side by side to compare them, so I will choose the 10 Excel Tips for Faster Working for Mac from the list.

Nest Word will open both documents side by side

When you open them, Word will also switch on Synchronous Scrolling so that as you scroll through one document you stay in the same place on the other. You can turn this off if you want by clicking on the icon.

So, what do you think of this week’s tip? Useful? How will you use it? Leave a comment below!





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