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What actually is OneNote?OneNote

OneNote is a digital notebook. When you go to your meetings, you take with you a notebook. It may be ruled, have soft or hard covers, it could have plain paper or graph paper. Notebooks often divide into sections with section dividers so that you can keep different notes about different topics.

OneNote replicates all that and much more.

When attending meetings these days it is quite normal to take your laptop or tablet with you. Why lug around a laptop and a notebook when you can have your notebook ON your laptop.

OneNote is integrated with Microsoft Office meaning that it talks to the other applications in the suite so that you can bring your emails into it, add meetings and notes and even insert tables, spreadsheets and much more.

But I like writing and using a pen!

Now before you tell me that you remember your notes better when you write them with a pen, OneNote is designed for touch devices. Whether that is a tablet, a laptop with a touch screen, an iPad or Android device. It works on them all. If you store you notebooks in the cloud in OneDrive (personal or business ) then you can access them anywhere you have connectivity. For example, I can take written notes on my Surface Pro or SurfaceBook laptops. My writing is even neater than writing with pen and ink, and I can have OneNote turn the written text into typed text (much easier to read than my scrawl)

Is there one version or lots?

Well now you got me. There are several different versions of OneNote.

OneNote 2016 – this is the desktop version for Windows users. It is no longer supplied as part of Office 365 however it is still available as a free download. It is my favourite version and the most powerful.

OneNote for Windows 10 – this is an app. Well they are all apps really but this is known as an App. It is the free version of OneNote that ships with your new Windows 10 laptop. It currently does not have as many features as the desktop 2016 version, however Microsoft are working on updating it and adding the missing functionality to it. The next few blog posts will be about OneNote 2016 however, I will also write about OneNote for Windows 10 in the future. Don’t let the name OneNote for Windows 10 confuse you, this is the same version as you get on Mac and online plus on your tablet or phone.

OneNote for IOS and Android – there is a OneNote app for your phone or tablet on any operating system.

So look out for the next few blog posts, where I will walk through a different part of OneNote each week.

Till next time

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