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Email NotesMicrosoft is winding OneNote 2016 down or is it?

Today I am continuing the OneNote 2016 topic I started a few weeks ago. I do however have to tell you that Microsoft is Sunsetting OneNote 2016. What does Sunsetting mean? Well it means that Microsoft are no longer developing or updating OneNote 2016 and it is no longer supplied as part of Office 2016 or Office 365.

Microsoft released a product called OneNote for Windows 10 which was included with every Windows 10 Laptop for free. This meant developing two versions of the product. So they took the decision to focus on just one product – OneNote for Windows 10 and I will write about that product in future newsletters.

If you have OneNote 2016 it will not go away – you can keep it and continue to use it, however it will no longer be updated and will not receive any new features.

There are some differences between the two versions with each having the same core functionality but also some differences.

So for now, I am writing about OneNote 2016 which is what I have used and have even written a book about! You can find my book on BookBoon HERE 

How to email your page of notes in OneNote 2016

When you have finished writing up your notes, whether they be just your musings , brainstorming or notes of a meeting, you can email the page directly from within the notebook.

On the Home Ribbon click – Email Page

Virtual Assistants - Have you ever wanted to email your notes?

Then fill in the email address etc and click Send

Virtual Assistants - Have you ever wanted to email your notes?

That’s it. Your recipient receives an email with your notes in the body and can do whatever is needed.

What do you think of this tip? Will it help? Leave a comment – I need to know and so does Veronica !

Introducing or Re-introducing Veronica

If you are new, you may not know about Veronica. She is called Virtual Veronica and is my virtual, Virtual Assistant. She features in lots of places and I use her account to demonstrate things often.

Veronica is a F.R.O.G and a VA which means she is: Fast Reliable Organised and Great!

Virtual Assistants - Have you ever wanted to email your notes?

Thanks for reading, and do tell me how useful you find my blog posts.

Next week I will be blogging about the OneNote app! This is the version that you get with Windows 10 and is part of Office 365. It works on Windows 10, Mac, your phone – (whichever operating system you use) and online too. Look out for this new series.

Addendum! – Since I wrote this post Microsoft has changed it’s mind about the Desktop OneNote 2016. From March it will once again be available to Office 2019 and Office 365 users. You can also download the full 2016 version from Microsoft. See this blog post about it 

Virtual Assistants - Have you ever wanted to email your notes?


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