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What data do you hold on me?

Freedom of Information Day on March 16th!

With the GDPR that came in on 25th May 2018 it is even easier for someone to ask for a copy of the data you hold on them, so do you know where that data is?

Perhaps when you were preparing for the GDPR you did a full survey of the systems you use and what data it holds, has any of that changed in the last year? New software? New systems? We are continually developing our businesses, which means we start using new tools that may not have been available before.

Updating our lists of what we hold and where can make it so much easier for compiling the information if a data request comes in.What data do you hold on me?

Phones / Tablets

First place to look is our phones. Often overlooked, but can hold so much data in the various app.

The Contacts app is the first place, typically it has the name and phone number, more commonly now we also add in their email address. However, do you store their physical address? Maybe if you visit them notes on the best place to park, or maybe little notes to help keep you up to date for those better relationships.

The Calendar app, but what data could be here? Those appointments you book in, perhaps details of the job you’ll be doing, again possible addresses if you’re visiting them, maybe web links if it is a web meeting.

What other Apps do you use daily? Communications Apps (E-Mail app, Instant Messengers like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Txt Message). Note Apps (Evernote, OneNote, Notes). CRM Apps (Capsule, Infusionsoft, HubSpot)


This one is usually easier as we think about the data we hold on here much more, however many of these tools can be used on our phones or tablets (so we may not use a computer)

Our E-Mail software often is more than just e-mails, it often combines our calendars, contacts, notes all in one. So what data have you got in here?

Data files, do you store documents on doing your work with clients? Is it easy to find all those files? (Perhaps a Client folder where all documents are saved within to make it easy to find)

Web Tools, we may use to be able to access work on the go. CRM Tools, Task Lists (ToDo, Tasks, Trello)

With all these different apps out there that we may unknowingly flip between to manage our businesses, it can be worth taking a week where we just list every app we use as we use it, and what we were doing in the app. Yes it will take a bit of time, but it can make sure we know what we have and where. Then when that data request comes in we will never be left trying to find everything and possibly missing something.

Guest Post

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Tristan from TLMartin Ltd – IT Services loves looking after Virtual Assistant businesses of any size. He truly understand the IT issues they face and offers lots of guidance to help them keep their data and the data of their clients safe.

He is offering an IT Health Check without charge at where he will give you a report of your strengths and weaknesses and how they can be easily fixed.

Thanks Tristan!

What data do you hold on me?