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learning marketing skills

What kind of learning do you undertake to improve your skills and your business?

I have been doing a fair bit of personal development lately. Whatever I learn will benefit my business as the more I improve my skill set the better I will be at doing the things I need to do.

It kind of goes without saying that I know all about Microsoft Office and that I can create what I need to create using the Office packages.

But what other skills do I need to run my business and where do I go to learn them?

Well as I am running an online business with online training, I need to know all about designing and delivering training in an online world including delivering sessions remotely. To that end I undertook qualifications from the Learning and Performance Institute a couple of years agI hold – COLF – Certified Online Learning Facilitator and CDOL – Certified Design of Online Learning.

I have had to learn how to use the online platform that hosts my courses and I am continually learning about that by attending their webinars and reading their blog posts.


As a business owner, there are many elements to a business, one of them being marketing. If no one knows about your business – well, how will you ever deliver/sell/provide anything?

I work with Sarah and Kevin Arrow of the Online Visibility Academy learning how to market my business in an online world and a few weeks ago I attended a day of training on building Sales Pages. Every online product needs a Sales Page of some description and there is an art to writing them.

You can find Sarah and Kevin here at the Online Visibility Academy


I am also investing in learning how to write persuasive copy. I know that I can write, but does my message always shine through? Does my reader understand the benefit of what I write for them? So today and tomorrow I am out of the office learning how to write better, copy, how to get my message across.

I love learning and one of my favourite things is when I learn from my learners – when a question comes up on a course or on the blog or in the Facebook group and I need to go away and research or test the answer. I love that!

How do you invest in your business?

Do you invest in yourself and your business? What skills would you love to have that would really help you?

Leave a comment and let me know.