What's New at Tomorrow's VA this Month?

VAs: Create Traffic Driving Infographics for Your Clients

If you're a virtual assistant that creates blog posts and helps get traffic to your client websites, then you'll love this Infographic Training Course.

I'll show you how to create traffic pulling infographics using Microsoft Office tools. When you do this training you'll wonder how you've not done this sooner!

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What’s New at tomorrow’s VA?

Excel Training

Exciting times

I set up tomorrow's VA to enable Virtual Assistants to hone their Microsoft Office skills and get more done in less time. I have been diligently creating mini online training courses for hot topics in Microsoft Office.

Today I am excited to announce that there are now two Excel courses. Well, when I say two, I mean one course in two flavours.

Essential Excel Skills for Virtual Assistants is now live in both Windows and Mac versions.

So what will you learn?

In this course you will learn how to set up your worksheet in seconds, create calculations and formulas with flair, format everything so that it looks clean and professional (and easy to understand!) and make sure the whole thing works without a worry!

Imagine, when you are given a task to do in Excel by a client and you sit there staring at a spreadsheet. You are wondering where to begin. What are all these boxes that you can type in, where should you type? What kind of data does Excel hold?

Should you be bothered about formatting? How about making stuff add up? The list goes on.

Foundation Skills

In most of the software packages, you can likely muddle along finding your way and working things out. You will always find a better, faster, more elegant way of doing things when you learn how to do them from someone who has been teaching this for 20 years - wait did I say 20 years? Where did that go?

When you start to use Excel though, there are some fundamental skills that you will need.

  • How to add data to your spreadsheet so that it makes sense and works for you not against you
  • How to build a formula from scratch
  • How to apply formatting to your data so that it looks awesome
  • How to fix a cell reference – essential

I cover all the above in this course and there is one for you whether you use Windows or Mac.

Just pick the right flavour and away you go.

Excel Windows
Excel Mac

I love helping people get the most out of the software they use on a daily basis - and I am creating more courses all the time. Come back often to see.

Special Launch Offer

The first 10 people to buy this course will benefit from a 20% launch discount!

So go get this course today to benefit from the discount.

Remember – This course will give you the skills to build on.

Let me know what other courses you would like! I want to make sure I am building the learning you want and need.

Go get your course!

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I will help you be more productive and earn more money as a virtual assistant. As a trainer with 20 years experience, you'll love how you'll get between 4-8 hours a week back when you use Microsoft tools to their fullest potential. I'm also the author of several best-selling books on Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook, published at www.bookboon.com . Subscribe and get more productive!

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