Which Office type are you?

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Which Office type are you?

office type

Which office type are you?

If asked, you would probably be able to place yourself and other VAs you know into different categories.

You may have different names for the categories – how about the ones below?

Office type

The Office Hero

This person stands out in the crowd. They are passionate about their work, full of energy, and bring plenty of vision and ideas to the table. They do not settle for second best. They like to get great results.

The Office Hero is also wonderful for morale. They get to know their colleagues and lighten up the room when they enter.

office typeThe Office Extra

Like an “extra” in the movies, this person gets things done in the background. They’re steady, quiet and do what they’re told. They can be easy to manage but less likely to dazzle with flair, speed or a dash of brilliance.

They may have been in their role a number of years and had their enthusiasm gradually eroded by the system, red tape, endless change and the “same old, same old” of weekly routine.

office typeThe Office Zombie

Is someone who appears to have been last in the queue when they were dishing out motivation and get-up-and-go. It’s not just that they are sluggish or may barely look competent. They can also be a pain in the neck. Grumbling. Winging. Complaining. Running the whole place down. Infecting others with their negativity.

Greig Johnston, chief technology officer at Insights, says this is where coaching and training can help.

It certainly can and it’s also worth looking at how people are operating with the office technology.

The behaviors and attitudes of office “Extras” and “Zombies” may reflect their lack of confidence with computers and software packages. That could be a signal it’s time to up their skills with some IT training.

Remember not to forget the office “Hero”. If they’re the productive and creative type, they may be looking for the latest or most powerful applications to help them achieve even more.

Are you an Office Hero? or would you benefit from up-skilling yourself?

If thats you, remember to think about what skills you need to get more done in less time. Would improving your Microsoft Word skills help you get more done in less time or perhaps you spend hours and hours in PowerPoint or Excel? Whatever you do make sure that you invest in yourself and enable yourself to work smarter not harder.

Hop over and take a look at the courses on tomorrows VA. Get more done in less time by upskilling yourself in your spare time.


Based on an article from Learning Professional Network Online.



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