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Why I became a VAGuest post Series

Hi, I’m Jacqueline Leake and I am a VA based in Nuneaton, North Warwickshire.  Generally, most VA’s have chosen to be a freelancer to fit our lifestyles around the need to work. I am no different, I am a carer for my Mum who lives with me and following redundancy I needed a job that would allow me to continue to keep her with me and care for her and J Leake VA Services was born.Why I became a VA

Balancing work and being a carer

After looking at my skills, gained from having worked in the charity sector for over 13 years,  I decided to work from home and start my own VA business and along with the support of my family, social services and a care agency, I have been able to keep Mum at home and continue to work around her needs.  It’s not always easy but it’s doable for now.

My Business

I am very lucky in that I managed to find clients straight away and through networking, have continued to build my business. It’s been an interesting journey there was and still is a lot to learn.  I don’t have a particular niche and work with a variety of businesses. More recently, a lot of my work is supporting clients with their social media and managing their accounts. You will often find me on the various scheduling platforms they use.  It can be challenging finding the time to get my social media scheduled, so I fully understand how overwhelmed my clients can get.

I have my own home office looking out over the garden and I just love my morning commute to work – no traffic to contend with and I never need an umbrella!  My ever-supportive husband did have to put up a sunshade for me last year with the hot summer we had, and it has been so useful this year with all the heat we have had!

My week starts on a Sunday evening

On a Sunday evening, I check out my calendar for the coming week and make sure I block buckets of time for my clients’ work, my admin and networking, along with anything else I need to add to take care of for my Mum and family.

Mornings are my most productive time

I am a morning person and last year, having read and enjoyed, Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy, I check out which is the ugliest and work on him first.  I like to dive into the more challenging and focussed items first thing, although if I am totally honest, I don’t always succeed in following my own advice and I can be known to put off a more challenging task to do something more creative and fun.  That’s ok to do sometimes, but it’s not a habit to get into as the saying goes, ‘don’t put off to tomorrow, what you can do today’!

Freeing Up Time

Being an organised person has really helped me to be successful in my business and in turn, the work I do for my clients. I bring some sanity to their day, freeing up their valuable time from the necessary, but time-consuming admin and social media tasks.  They have time to concentrate on what matters, whether it’s time to grow their business or to have a bit of quality family time.

Thanks Jacqueline – it is so nice to find out more about you. Knowing why you do something is very important too. You are one busy lady! I l also love the way that you invest in your own skills – you are one of my Founder Members on the tomorrow’s VA Hub and I love how you love learning new things.

You can get in touch with Jacqueline via her website J Leake VA Services

Why I became a VA