If you know a bit about me, you’ll probably say I help VA’s in two main ways.

The first way is through my training sessions, events, presentations and range of online courses in MS Office and Microsoft 365.

Why You Should Check In Like Clockwork

I’m on a bit of a mission, to help VA’s become superheroes for their clients.

I hate to see hard-working and determined administrative professionals paying for shoddy or lazy training. Paying for something that’s ‘padded out’ with stuff you’re never going to use.

Practical and Independently Approved

That’s why I create courses and sessions which are practical, step-by-step and all about quality. As a Fellow of the Learning & Performance Institute, my training standards are assessed regularly. The LPI has approved me as a Certified Online Learning Facilitator (COLF) and a Certified Designer of Online Learning (CDOL). To me, these are not just letters after my name. They are a symbol of my desire to deliver the very best for my clients. The second way people know me is through my support to help VA’s, EA’s and PA’s create, start, build, develop and grow their business.

Broadcasting to the World

That’s one of the reasons I set up Virtually Amazing – The Podcast. It’s a way for me to bring in a treasure trove of experts in business building, networking, marketing, copywriting, websites, social media and the admin side of going it alone. Each week, tips and insights are shared to help VA’s make a success of starting out and developing something sustainable around their life, family and other stuff going on. People around the globe can check into the podcast recordings whenever they like on all the usual platforms – and even catch the visual version on YouTube. But I’m not just an IT trainer, podcaster, writer, entrepreneur and business owner.

I Understand What It Can Be Like for You because…

I’m also a mother, a grandmother and wife. Family is important to me and I know what it’s like to juggle work and kids. And part of running a business – especially if you’re the only one in it – is making sure you look after your health and wellbeing. Some of my coaching friends use a tool to help their clients check in with how things are on any day of the year. Not just about the person’s health, but all aspects of their life. If you’ve used a coach before you may have used the tool and done this exercise.

Why You Should Check In Like Clockwork

It’s called the Wheel of Life

You can do this exercise easily on your own. Just grab a notebook or sheet of paper, and a pen or pencil. Draw a large circle in the centre of the paper. Divide it into quarters by drawing one line down the middle of the circle (if you imagine a clock face, from 12 O’clock down to six O’clock) and another one horizontally through the centre, from the nine to the three. Now divide each quarter in half, with diagonal lines running through the centre from top left to bottom right and bottom left to top right.       Your circle should now show EIGHT equal segments (that look like flat versions of the pieces from the game Trivial Pursuit).



Wheel of life
Wheel of life image courtesy of The Extraordinary Training Company

Label these as follows:

  • Career
  • Money
  • Health
  • Friends and Family
  • Partner/Spouse
  • Personal Growth
  • Hobbies/Fun
  • Friends and Family
  • Home

Now you’re going to give yourself a score, between 0 and 10, for each category. Zero means rock bottom and 10 means everything is fantastic. Be honest with yourself. Pick the number that most closely resembles how you feel things are going in a category. Do the same as you go around the ‘wheel’.

Here’s the Fun Part

Next, you’ll want to look at the distance between the centre spot and along one of the lines out to the circumference, or edge, of the circle. The centre represents zero. The outer rim of the circle represents 10. For each category, you’ll take the score you give it and represent that on the ‘Wheel’ by drawing an arc proportionate to that score. For example, a score of five would be halfway up the line and you would draw an arc – or curved line – in that category segment. When you do this for all eight categories, you will have a new outer edge to your circle and the ‘wheel’ might look a little smaller, perhaps bent out of shape. If it does, don’t worry. That’s actually how it usually looks when people do the exercise.

You Now Have Your ‘Wheel of Life’ Picture

When you look at the wheel, it gives you a visual summary of how things are going; things that are going really well, things that are going well or OK, and things where it may feel a little low. You can then look at ways to improve your score in the different categories, prioritising according to what’s most important to you. The great thing about this exercise is you can do it whenever you wish, and as frequently as you like. It could be done weekly or monthly, for example. You can see how things progress each time you check-in. It takes into account different aspects of your life, all of which may have an impact on your VA business.

It’s Time to Check-In on Yourself

Check-in on health and you rank it lower than a 7 and you may want to make some changes, take a break or look at how you can make it 8 or higher. Check-in on money and you get a sense of how you’re doing, professionally and personally, with running a business. If it’s a strong ranking score, you’re probably doing a lot right. If it’s a low score, you may want to explore what’s behind that. Check-in on friends and family. It’s good to have a support and social network, especially in these times of restrictions and rapid change. Are people checking in with you? Are you keeping in touch with people – and not just via social media? Check-in on personal growth. Are there any areas of development or learning that you know you need or would love to follow? If so, when are you going to get started on that? Check-in on fun and recreation. Running a business can mean long hours and long days. Remember to build in time for a holiday, short breaks and time-out each week. To adapt the saying, “All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl”. Check-in on your physical environment. This covers indoors and outdoors. It includes your workspace – which might be an office, a bedroom, a study or dining room table. It includes your neighbourhood and surroundings. It includes how often you’re getting out of the house or flat – if fresh air, walking or exercise is particularly important to you. Check-in on your relationship with your significant other. The score you give here may reflect how other aspects of your life and business are going. I know how important it is to have a supportive partner – and be supportive of them in return. Check-in with your career and business. What’s your score out of 10? How does that make you feel? What’s needed to bring it up by one or two points?

Check-In with Your Business Wheel

If you like, you can take the ‘wheel of life’ idea and create a different circle, one with entirely a business focus. Your eight categories could reflect the different aspects of your venture: lead generation, sales, marketing, client service, finance, human resources, continuing professional development and administration. Do a monthly check-in on these and you’ll see where your strengths and areas for improvement in your business are. How’s your wheel looking right now? Does it look like it’s giving you a smooth ride or do things appear a little bumpy? If there’s an area I can help you with, do let me know or check out my online courses and the podcast.

Shelley Fishel
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The session was well structured and the explanation was very clear. It was amazing how Shelley managed to squeeze so much info in just one hour and a half! Colin’s support and contributions were also very valuable, and so were “Virtual Veronica”‘s. Thank you for a most interesting and useful training session at the Miss Jones Virtual Summit!

Laura Carizzo- Royal Norwegian Embassy in Argentina

I haven’t used PowerPoint in 20 years, this has really boosted my confidence.

Lyn Parker

Course is packed with so much valuable information in a easy-to-understand and follow language, even for a complete beginner. I can respect the fact that sometimes it’s very hard for an expert to break the information down to basics. but Shelley has done it brilliantly. I was sure that I knew quite a bit but Shelley has proven me wrong even at the very beginning of the basics of PowerPoint. Lessons are short and precise which allowed me to easily transfer the new skill into practice without being overwhelmed and to carry on adding on more with each lesson. I had so many ‘Aha!’ moments and for most of them I couldn’t believe I used to pay graphic designer to do it for me, now, thanks to Shelley, I am looking forward to creating, designing, converting my presentations all by myself!

Iva Freeman – Vertex Human Capital

Shelley was very thorough and knew a lot of tip’s for using Teams, thank you 🙂

James O’Connor – Cavannah Homes

Very informative, constantly getting everyone in the meeting involved, loved every bit of it!

Dylan Teal Hopkins – Cavannah Homes
Fantastic and informative training and great to see all of the exciting functions with Microsoft Teams.
Laura Rigby – The Apprenticeship College
Shelley was really clear in her teaching and went at a pace that was helpful to us. We covered all we needed to know to get us started, as a small team, using MS Teams. She was also very helpful in the run up to the session, with check in calls and ensuring our platform was set up correctly. I would highly recommend Shelley to anyone wanting to learn to navigate their way around MS Teams.
Leigh Dowling – Innuous

Microsoft Teams One to One Training Session

Shelley was approachable, easy to work with, and agile with answering questions to apply the session to my specific needs

Melissa Marshall – Present Your Science

A course on Outlook had been on the top of my list when Shelley asked VA’s what they wanted to learn.

It was a real case of ‘so that’s how you do it’ or ‘I never knew that’. I have to say that I learnt so many great tips it has definitely improved the way I work in Outlook and my inbox is looking colourful and organised and I can’t wait to share this knowledge with my clients.

Jacqueline Leake – JLeake VA Services – Outlook

A great course with lots of examples and step by step instructions. I can now confidently create infographics and as a bonus, I learnt a lot of new PowerPoint functionality that will enhance all my PowerPoint work and save me so much time.

Jessica Bailey – Integral Resource

I really like Shelley’s courses. She has a clear and easy to follow teaching style. In ‘How to Create Fillable Forms’ I’ve learned about the functions of the Developer ribbon which will mean I’ll be able to create a bespoke Returns Form for a client who has an online shop

Freya Henderson – Virtual Office Orkney

Shelley was really clear in her teaching and went at a pace that was helpful to us. We covered all we needed to know to get us started, as a small team, using MS Teams. She was also very helpful in the run up to the session, with check in calls and ensuring our platform was set up correctly. I would highly recommend Shelley to anyone wanting to learn to navigate their way around MS Teams.

Sarah Clements – Inuous

Absolutely superb course, easy to follow and to refer back whilst putting it all into practice! I was unaware of the extent you can customise a presentation and it’s just made me want to know more – what’s next Shelley?

Denise Williams

I thought I had a pretty good grasp of Outlook until I did this course! In her videos, Shelley is clear and concise, and the language she uses is straightforward and jargon-free. Each module is broken down into manageable chunks, which helps keep your attention and means the course is easy to fit in around other commitments. I’ve created email templates and implemented rules that are already saving me time, and as all the other things I’ve learnt start to become second nature, the positive impact on my efficiency is fast becoming clear. This course has been incredibly beneficial and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to strengthen their skills and boost productivity.

Pip Doleman VA

I thought I knew Powerpoint really well, but I wanted to specifically learn how to use Powerpoint to create better infographics, easily and quickly. Shelley explains everything in a very logical and clear way, so I understood everything the first time I heard it. The most useful thing I learnt was that Powerpoint can do so much more than I thought it could. By also using the short cuts that Shelley showed me I am much quicker than I have ever been and I thought I was already quick!

Susan Marot

Shelley Fishel of Tomorrow’s VA has a wealth of experience in Microsoft Office. I met her in person 2 years ago at the PA Show in London. I also saw her in action in a fab workshop and knew she was the whizz that everyone had told me she was. I have since bought a lifetime access to her HUB and all the courses in there are a MUST if you are a VA on a mission. The courses will give you confidence in all the Office 365 components and will catapult you to dizzy heights

Alex Hughes